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I believe everyone is born with special gifts whether in music, story telling or the ability to teach others. Down to Earth Media is about giving aspiring artists the opportunity to share their unique talents with others. Most of the participants involved within this website are professionals in other areas; often, they are not able to dedicate themselves totally to pursuing their true artistic dreams. This is why the artistic materials within this website are unique and diverse to say the least. The natural talent of many of these artists is raw and distinct and is reflected within their materials. It is about their imagination, creativity and most importantly the sincerity of their art.

The role that Down to Earth Media plays is in offering talented artists an avenue to market and showcase their artistic materials. I hope Down to Earth media will become the site that can open doors of opportunity for many of these artists.

Creater of Down to Earth Media
Rick Vigil, founder of Down To Earth Media has over 20 years of experience in the music and video industry: songwriter, musician, musical producer and director.

Down To Earth Media is a modest family owned video and audio production company with over 20 years experience in dedicating its professional creativity in producing quality educational video and audio materials in English and Spanish. Down to Earth Media has also produced several full length documentaries on the culture of the people in the San Luis Valley located in Colorado.

1. Marketing Tool-Kit:
Down To Earth Media together with the individual program can develop and package a DVD with your program's promotional or educational program videos. A CD-ROM can be included with a Toolkit or other information such as your agency brochures, newsletter and other important information that can be shared with staff, parents and community.

2. Website:
Down To Earth Media has the technical expertise to transcode video files that can be used as part of your program or agency website.

3. Audiobooks:
Down To Earth Media works with teachers and parents in producing and recording original stories onto CD for the use in Head Start classroom listening areas.

4. Staff training materials:
Down To Earth Media provides assistance to individual programs in producing a variety of training video materials tailored to its program specific needs for example in Health, Dental, Parent Involvement for staff and families.

Down to Earth Media has had the opportunity to produce a variety of promotional and educational materials for the University of Colorado at Boulder, Clayton Educare Head Start and Denver Great Kids Head Start. Down to Earth Media has also produced several full length documentaries on Spirituality and Culture highlighting the communities of the San Luis Valley in Colorado.

Some of the topics include:
  1.   A Professional Development Module Foundation of Oracy
  2.   Oral Health Sparkling Smiles English/Spanish
  3.   Investing in our Future / Policy Council Training English/Spanish
  4.   Nurturing your Child's Gifts / Parents with Special Needs children
  5.   The Love for Teaching / Teachers working with special needs children
  6.   Ready Set Go / Getting Ready for Kindergarten English/Spanish
  7.   Motivational Interviewing video series on Oral Health
  8.   Cultural Diversity for Head Start Staff
  9.   Positive Solutions for Families video series in English/Spanish
  10. Healthy Children=School Readiness/Medicaid and CHP+ in English
        and Spanish

Down To Earth Media strives to provide quality and professional services with our clients needs and budget in mind.

Participating clients:
Maria Guajardo, Ph.D.
Former Executive Director for the Mayor's Office for Education and Children for the City and County of Denver

Al Martinez, Ph.D. Director
Denver's Great Kids Head Start

University of Colorado Bueno Center at Boulder
Manuel Escamilla, Ph.D.

Foundation of Oracy
Diana Geisler, Ph.D., Education Consultant

Definitive Marketing
Rocio Perez, MBA- Marketing Consultant

Centennial BOCES
Christine Muldoon, Director
Innovative Education Services

Peggy A. Burns, Consultant
Education Compliance Group, Inc.

Dr. Anne Wilson, DDS, MS
University of Colorado
School of Dental Medicine
The Children Hospital
State Leader
Office of Head Start

Paul Cook, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
University of Colorado
College of Nursing

Alberto Torres
President of the Colorado Head Start Association (CHSA)

Carol Jensen, R.N., M.Ed.
Professor of Integrative Therapies and creator of the bachelors of science in Integrative Therapeutic Practices degree at Metropolitan State University of Denver

Gloria Richardson, MPA
Project Manager
Cultural of Wellness in Preschools



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February 28, 2007
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